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Codes from Thunderstone

Doctor HTML v5
When you get to the next page just click on the name of each gif and hit the "info" on your keyboard and you have the exact URL of the gif!


Search for images with Lycos.
Type what you are looking for in the text field below.

Check out your site in the Website garage.

Spell Checker

Gif Changer
Go to the exact URL of a gif then click this page to use the automatic url in the text field feature. Change the features of your gif's. From VRL Many options to choose. Transload new picture

Choose a filter:

GIF Lube
Go to the exact URL of a GIF or JPG to use this feature. Use the Gif Lube to reduce the size(not what you see but the file size).It will also change a animated gif to an unanimated gif. Also you can change your JPG or JPEG to a GIF. Use this code to get the exact URL of the GIF to pick up and add to your files with the Transloader. Hit your "GoTo" button and erase the "http://" then type in:[#].src);
where you see the "#" sign change it from 26 to 30 to get the image URL.

Select an image output type:
Default to input type
Change JPG's or JPEG's to GIF's
Change GIF's to JPEG's

GIF Sizer!

To use go to the exact URL of a GIF and click the F key for here.


Query Term:
Max. Time:

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